Avante Constructions takes its responsibility for health and safety very seriously. We focus on how behaviour and choice can help to drive positive outcomes making our workplaces safer and healthier places for our people, contractors and clients.

Avante Constructions is committed to health and safety in every aspect of our work. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring everyone returns home safely every day.

We strive to protect our workforce and anyone affected by our works at all times and we will never stray from our ultimate target of Zero Harm.

Innovations we are bringing to our sites today and our plans to take health and safety to the next level in the future.


Avante Constructions is committed to developing and implementing a BIM capability that will become an integral part of the way we and our supply chain deliver projects.

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to generate and manage vital information about a building or piece of infrastructure.

At every stage of the project lifecycle, from design through to decommissioning, BIM provides information that helps our customers make informed choices. This process makes the design, construction, operation and decommissioning process more efficient. We are at the forefront of using BIM for all our projects.